Where have you been? Where else, raising kids, of course!

Raquel 8:27AM: So, yes I know, it 's been a while since we blogged.  What can I say? Life took over and with our very busy household of 6, so did our kids.  After the birth of our youngest child, Crystal, I really needed to take some time to focus on the family.  We had a new baby, a new house and a lot of settling in to do.  Now that Crystal is in Kindergarten (yay!), I feel like I am coming out of a cloud.  As much as I love being a working mom, it is really hard to work while kids are crying in the background and diapers need to be changed.

Everyone has a different focus in their life.  In my world, it's family first-always.  I may not have been able to Blog, but what I have been able to do is watch my son's football games, drive my daughter an hour away to her gymnastics team(3x a week!), take Juliet to her dance class and stand in amazement as I watch my baby tear up the soccer field.  No one said owning your own business or being a mom was going to be easy, but doing them both at the same time-now that is just plain old crazy!  Ha, ha.  Now that all the kids are in school, I can finally begin to put more of my attention to the business and even carve out a little "me" time (double yay!).

Here is shot of our first vacation ( whopping 3 days!) in years...Kyle is 12, Summer 10, Juliet 7 and Crystal 5 :)

I have to really give it up for my husband Tom who totally held down the fort while I was home with the kiddies.  He is so hard working and I admire him so much!  He has always been the driving force in our business! I love you honey!!

We also have a new member of the TKD team, Jaclyn, who is going to be our right hand in getting back up to speed with Blogging, www.thomasknoell.com, and customer service.  You will hear more from Jacky in the weeks to come.  Jacky's background is in literature so you will be reading her work very soon.  Unlike my casual writing, Jacky has more of that romance novel touch to her work.  Let's just say between the 2 of us, you should have lots to read!  Jacky is super sweet and very hard working so please help me welcome her aboard! YAY Jacky!


Ok, so stay tuned, many more exciting things to come!  I think 2013 is going to be an amazing year for our company and our family.  For now, wishing all of our clients and friends a very Merry Christmas!  Gotta go, on my way to Weight Watchers-me time! (triple yay!)





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